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SPARKFIRE FITNESS is a fitness & running endeavor designed to give back to the community.
We aspire to:
*Improve the lives of individuals, by giving them the tools and training to be better, faster, stronger versions of themselves
*Partner with Charity Organizations doing Fitness Events to raise money for amazing causes and people in need
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Laura DeLucia

Laura is a Certified Running Coach & Personal Trainer in Brooklyn, NY


She  is currently a coach for New York Road Runners, coaching the Team for Kids Marathon and Half Marathon Training Programs, the NYRR Virtual Trainer and Group Training Classes.

Laura  began  teaching sports at age 16, as a Ski Instructor and has coached Kids and Adults to Ski, Row, Swim, Run and Strength Train.

Laura  Attended George Washington University, where she was a member of the Division I Cross Country/Track and Rowing Teams. She has run 14 marathons, though the 5K is her first love. She  also trained as an Amateur Boxer for a USA Boxing Sanctioned Boxing Match with World champion boxer Heather Hardy.


She is a member of the Young Professionals Board of Back On My Feet, a non-profit dedicated to using running to help those experiencing homelessness.


Laura believes sports have the power to transform lives and enjoys supporting EVERYONE in their effort to become a better runner.


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Find Laura @NewYorkRuns


*New York Road Runners (nyrr.org)

     *Team for Kids, Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program

     *Group Training

     *Virtual Trainer


     *HIIT & Run Outdoor Classes (Central Park)

*DC Road Runners

    *Assistant Coach, Army 10 Mile Training Program



   *Swim Instructor

*Thompson's Boat House

    *Rowing (Single Scull) Instructor

*McIntyre Ski School

    *Ski Instructor (Groups, Private), Adults/Kids

*Private Individual Coaching

*Private Online Training Programs/Coaching


*USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach

*RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Level 1 - Distance Running Coach

*VDotO2 Distance Running Coach

*NASM Certified Personal Trainer

*First Aid


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